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Which type of heat pump pool heating is best for you?

Most people commonly make the mistake of thinking there’s just one general type of pool heater, and that as long as it works, the conversation needn’t go any further. Unfortunately, the truth is far from it - pool heaters aren’t quite that simplistic and depending on your needs and the type of pool you have the best heating option will change. That being said, it doesn’t need to be a complex field to navigate, either. Below we’ll look into the main types of pool heaters and their pros and cons and help you to decide which heater type will be right for you.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

As the most cost efficient and eco-friendly option, solar heating is an option for many pool owners. Of course, it’s effectiveness relies upon great sunny weather, so for those living in cooler or more overcast climates this can prove to be somewhat less dependable. Solar systems are best suited to outdoor pools and particularly in Australia, will need to abide by regulations regarding sizing and best practices. For optimal performance, you’ll need to customise the size of your solar panelling to be compatible with the size of your pool.

Gas Pool Heaters

Less and less people these days are considering gas heaters for their pools due to the environmental cost associated with using gas, but they remain a popular option for a lot of pool owners. When it comes to heating up your pool quickly, gas heaters are the way to go, and are a traditionally trusted method of pool heating. However, with energy regulations slowly decreasing our emission allowances, a lot of manufacturers are being forced to innovate - for example, there are many hybrid pool heaters on the market that are partly gas and partly solar. While gas heaters are a suitable solution when wanting to use the pool in inclement weather, the other consideration with gas pool heaters is their higher running cost.

 Inverter Pool Heater

Can you tell this one is our favourite? Inverter pool heaters combine the efficiency and consistency of gas heaters with the low energy emissions and eco-friendliness of solar heating systems. Inverter pool heat pumps draw warm air from the atmosphere and transfer the heat into the pool, with the option for adjusting the temperature to specific settings - all of ours are Wi-Fi compatible, meaning the temperature can be adjusted right from your smartphone on app. Inverter heaters consume up to 45% less energy than their traditional pool pump counterparts, and thus price-wise they also have lower daily running costs. Unlike solar heating, they also have the benefit of being effective no matter the weather, so you can enjoy your pool all year ‘round.

When deciding on the best heating system for your pool, think about the factors that will affect you most like maintenance and running costs, as well as your values. Are you conscious of your environmental footprint? Perhaps you value the simplicity and convenience of adjusting your pool temperature to the decimal degree? Focus on selecting the best solution that works for you and will best add to your pool experience.

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