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5 Health Benefits of Swimming in Heated Pools

We all know how fun having a pool can be, but don't you just hate it when it starts getting cold outside and you can no longer enjoy your pool as you should? The weather should not stop the fun or keep you indoors. That's why pool heaters exist. 


Late summer nights, crisp early mornings and chilly winter afternoons can all be enjoyed in comfort if you've installed a swimming pool heater. Being able to relax in a warm pool is a different kind of luxury, but that's only the beginning. Aside from being fun and the home's social hub, did you know that a heated pool also has health benefits? Let us tell you our favourite 5.


Good for Your Muscles and Joints

Swimming is good exercise for everyone, even those with joint and muscle pains (yes, I'm talking to you!). But swimming in a heated pool is even better! Being in warm water can promote better blood and oxygen circulation, which means more relaxation for stiff muscles and joints. 


Combats Stress 

It's true when they said you could swim your worries away, but not if you're worried about being cold. When you swim, you release feel-good hormones and chemicals like serotonin and endorphins, which can energise your spirit and make you feel good! In addition to this, the effect of water on your body creates a massaging sensation that can help you relax even more. 


No Cold Shocks 

Jumping straight in cold water can put your body into a state of shock that can make your joints inflexible, cause respiratory problems, and make the experience uncomfortable. However, being able to control your water temperature means everyone can safely and comfortably enjoy the pool, no matter what the weather is.


Improves Breathing 

Swimming, in general, can increase and improve your lung capacity, but being in warm water can have even more benefits. Heat can cause your blood vessels to dilate, which means increased circulation and better blood flow. This allows your cells to be able to regenerate, and that can promote a quicker healing effect. Your heart also has to work a little harder, so just being in warm water may help with burning calories.


Longer Swim Season

You made the significant investment to install a home pool, but only being able to use it for three to four months a year is a real buzzkill. With a swimming pool heater, you no longer have to beg for the sun to come or for the clouds to go away. You can have all the control, benefits and fun at any time of the year.


The benefits speak for themself. A pool heater is the best way to get the most out of your pool. Our range of Chilli Pool Heaters caters to every pool size, all while being energy efficient.