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Reduce Energy Use By 50%

An electric pool heater wit Inverter technology can use up to 50% less power consumption when compared to a non-inverter heat pump.

You'll Barely Hear It

Chilli technology reduces the fan noise due to a unique internal ventilation design, allowing you to operate with minimal background noise.

Designed For Australian Climates

The corrosion-proof titanium heat exchanger is enclosed in a purpose-designed case for maximum strength.

Control From Anywhere

Using a smartphone or tablet and our world-class app, you can adjust the temperature of your pool from anywhere, anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding pool heat pumps

What does COP mean?

COP stands for coefficient of performance, it is a term specifically used in heat transfer to describe the efficiency of the heat pump transferring heat.

For example, we measure the COP by testing our Chilli Inversmart heat pool heat pumps with an outdoor temperature of 27 degrees and pool temperature of 27 degrees. The COP can range from 6.3~15, which converts to an efficiency of 500%~2000%.

This means that for every unit (KW) of electricity it takes to run the compressor, you get 6.8~24 units (KW) of heat out of the heat pump. See our Inversmart or Ecosmart range category pages for specific information.

How do I choose the right pool heat pump?

If you don’t know the size of your pool, use the calculation below.

You can get volume of a square or rectangular pool by multiplying the length by the width and the average depth. To get the average depth of your pool, take the depth of the shallow end of your pool and add it to the depth of the deep end, and divide by two. Here’s a quick example.

Let’s say the shallow end of your pool is 1 meters deep and the deep end is 2 meters deep. Add those two together 1 meter + 2 meters =3 meters. Divide that by 2, =1.5 meters, what you’ll end up with is is average depth in meters.

For example; the pool is 6 meters long (length), 2 meters wide (width), and has an average depth of 1 meters.

The formula for that would look like:

6 meters x 2 meters x 1 meters = 12m3 or 12,000 litres.

So this particular pool’s volume would be 12m3 give or take a few.

Can I install the heat pump myself?

No, installation must be done by a licensed pool technician, or licensed plumber and electrician and in accordance with the manufacturing installation guide.