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Inversmart Series Inversmart pool heaters

Using inverter technology to create our Inversmart pool heaters, we have designed a range that is efficient and quiet, and that will help you to make considerable savings on daily running costs. The Chilli Inversmart series inverter pool heaters come with all the features you would expect from a product that’s built for Australian conditions and the demands of the pool environment. Each pool heater in the Inversmart range also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so that you can control your pool’s temperature with ease.

Features & Performance

  • Reduces energy usage by 50 per cent compared to non-inverter heat pump.
  • Continues to heat your pool in air temperature as low as -5 degrees.
  • Almost silent running performance, whisper quiet.
  • Combines Pad outlooking, stepless DC inverter and anti-noise technology.
  • Built with Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary inverter compressor and twisted titanium heat exchanger.
  • Built-in WiFi Control, remotely adjust the temperature via smartphone.
  • EEV technology & reverse cycle defrosting.
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Benefit from energy-efficient pool heat pumps

Increase the time you can spend in your pool each year with energy-efficient and beautifully effective Chilli Ecosmart residential pool heaters. Pools are a significant investment, and so we manufacture the residential pool pumps that allow you to get more use from your swimming pool. When you choose one of our intelligent Ecosmart pool heaters you can make significant long-term savings while getting greater use from your pool each year.

Enjoy excellent water quality and a comfortable pool temperature with Chilli. Our Ecosmart swimming pool heater pump is manufactured for the Australian climate and conditions. Our range has raised the bar on energy efficiency, with the variable, multi-speed designs that can provide the best experience in a range of settings.

Our commitment to creating a more environmentally friendly electric pool heater has led us to choose efficient and effective designs that lower the pump’s impact. We use environmentally friendly refrigerant gas, for a heating process that operates by extracting latent heat from the air to heat your pool water. Get in touch with us to learn more about our Ecosmart pool heaters.